34 years of travel together

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Pinuccio and gifts

After a past life traveling on all continents with any means, today we can define two travelers that over the years have discovered the difference between being catapulted by the opposite side of the world going down from the ladder of a plane rather than reach a destination with the Own motorcycle, knowing how many new people, sharing their ways of living, admiring beautiful views, magnificent sunrises and romantic sunsets.
The bike allows us to have a total contact with nature, making us feel the protagonists of the film we are experiencing, riding our bike we are an integral part of the landscape.
When in Ladakh we found ourselves in motion on the highest strokes of the planet at 5,600 meters of altitude surrounded by the tops of the Himalaya, we realized to live a magical experience, in fact coming to touch the sky with a finger made us Try unique and indescribable emotions that have helped change our way of traveling.
In fact, after this fantastic experience, in 2012 we decide to leave for our great two-wheeled adventure: from Italy to Mongolia round trip in motion !!!
A circular itinerary of 90 days 28 thousand km. 7 time zones 18 Nations along the Via della Silk: Italy - Greece - Turkey - Iran - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan - Tajikistan (Pamir and Afghanistan) - Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan - Russia (Altaj) - Mongolia - Siberia - Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Czech Rep. - Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy.


Blog Mongolia:

This long journey opened our minds making us dream new destinations, so in 2014 we sent our bike overseas projecting towards the American continent.
So we are back from our last tour that in four stages for a total of 260 days, 52 thousand km. and 18 countries, allowed us to cross the 3 Americas starting from the Arctic Circle in Alaska to the Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, to finish in Ushuaia, the city at Fin of Mundo !!!
Actually we stayed so fascinated by this way of traveling that we didn't feel like sending our bike in Italy. We are then risen to the north to leave "parked" our transalp in Uruguay waiting to continue our infinite journey, keeping faith to our motto:

Starting hoping to never get ...
Is this the infinite journey ???
(Pinuccio and gifts)

Here are all the stages of our journey from Alaska to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego: 
2014) http://nordamericapinuccioedoni.blogspot.it/ Alaska - Canada - United States
2015) http://centroamericapinuccioedoni.blogspot.it/ United States - Mexico - Guatemala - El Salvador - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Ecuador - Peru '
2016) http://sudamericapinuccioedoni.blogspot.it/  Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - Brazil - Uruguay
2017) http://findelmundopinuccioedoni.blogspot.it/ Uruguay - Patagonia - Tierra del Fuego - Uruguay
Pinuccio & Doni