Davide Fracchiolla Red Cap Transalp

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Customer Red Cap Transalp

I have a transalp 600 of '91 with 96,000 km .. taken 20,000 km, it was one owner, of a mechanical engineer .. not a screw out of place, not a badly pulled bolt, an impeccable maintenance history and transalp is a motorcycle VERY RELATIVE .. but the wear of the pinion pin is among the known problems of the model that occurs more frequently on the 650 rather than the 600 and generally notes above 100,000 km .. (how many of you have these km on your bike?) 10,000 km ago, changing the triptych, I noticed a very light consumption of the pinion pin .. there are various solutions but the red cap is the simplest and can also be used to prevent .. I am a satisfied customer, as well as a merchant with a few years of experience .. as far as I am concerned, the red cap is a brilliant and very useful product!