Heroic in motion

"In twenty years you will not be disappointed with the things you did but from those you haven't done.
Then rise again, abandon the safe ports, capture the wind in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Find out. "

Marc Twain


L'Heroic in motion It is for me so many things: I tried to condensulate all the values, the experiences, emotions and beauty that inspired me in an entire life On the road.A spirit that seemed to me to fully breathe at the time of the first mythical Paris-Dakar - or perhaps that when you have twenty years see all the world with eyes more poetic!

Yet even today I think there are beautiful people who live in the name of loyalty, adventure, friendship, and indeed I am grateful to this event for having made so many and always from NUVE every year!

Tuscany offers us wonderful roads in a breathtaking landscape, and a difficult welcome to tell to those who participate for the first time: I therefore invite you to enjoy it in a solid balance between safety and entertainment, strengthening the nster reputation of gentleman Two-wheeled!

I greet you with a warm virtual flashing, waiting to meet you in person.

Good way wishes


Heroic video in motion