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Fabrizio Pinzaglia - Customer Unicat

There are things or items that are born and grow in people's minds for the mere fact that you have so much love in your passions. This is the case of Antonio Magliulo dikkbike.it, a crowd, one of those characters who if they were not necessary to invent them, in short, a passionable owner of a wonderful Africa Twin who improved an idea that was already and ismarketedFrom notes manufacturers of AFTER MARKET objects for our beloved.

This had never found my favors because to be able to install it you need to drill the hulls and this one didn't go to genius ... not even a bit.

Now the good Antonio [Alias ​​Kitkarson] has fruited his passion and the ingenuity of him pulling out a very valid, if not even better, alternative to what was already present on the market producing this jewel.

One of the best features is precisely the fact that nothing must be drilled and installs in a few seconds.

The appearance, once inserted, is particularly pleasant and do not notice almost at all.


N.B. This article is fruit only and exclusively of impressions and personal opinions. There is no bond in an economic nature and of any other type with Antonio Magliulo and the staff of the site of the site www.kkbike.it.