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Travel Wing Crown smoky customer for Africa Twin XRV 750

Published on the official Clun Forum Haonda Africa Twin Italy:


I recently bought Travel Wing, I'll tell you those that are my impressions on this product.
Start with talking about the packaging.
I know you ask but it's really necessary?

What do we care about a "box"?

It is necessary, because already from the delivery of the package by the courier we note the attention that the kkbike puts in its products, and then once opened the packaging you will find the surprise, a well-kept casket and at the same time minimal that recalls the line of top houses, very nice to see and also to own (my girlfriend wanted him as a gift, maybe he can be useful to appease the wrath of your / our companions due to the repeated and continuous expenses that we do for our bikes ).

Open the box, inside we find immersed in the polystyrene travel wing and two other pleasant surprises, the first are some spare screws, the other are two hexagonal keys for installation, and the beauty is that they are not ikea type keys Wearing to look at them but they are quality, "gift" very welcome.

We come to the spoiler itself for if, initially but just picked up the spoiler I had to relate to the adjustment mode, a hexagonal screw with self-locking nut at the end. I found annoying having to turn with this chiavino to adjust the inclination and height of the spoiler, I immediately asked if it was no longer easy to use a quick coupling type of bicycles, however after two three tests I found the right position, and The idea of ​​quick agganmente moved from my mind indeed I thought that even if useful would weigh down the line of the coupling system (very beautiful) and which would have increased the weight unnecessarily.

The plexiglass part is very transparent from the geometry that recalls that of the original fairing (Crown version).

Small tip, even if your bike has a dark birthpose on the sun, I recommend taking the smoky model is almost the same color as a twenty-year-old fairing.

Continuing to talk about the transparent part ... there is a small sore note.

As I also said to the producer (another beautiful thing ... there is one thing you don't like to take and go to break the boxes), in some conditions of use it happens to look at the road through the spoiler, and well, the bending of this 'Last a little disturbs, not so much to make driving dangerous or from preventing us to look at us through a slight annoyance gives it, in short I would have preferred there.

As for aerodynamic protection, a reason for which you buy a object of this type, what to say?


I'm another 187cm, and I installed the spoiler at maximum inclination and about 1, 5 cm from the maximum height. With this configuration from 70km / h up to 130km / h (beyond I am not gone) there is absence of turbulence, you can safely keep the visor open, or in the event of an integral closed it is very reduced to the noise inside the helmet.

Finally, the Travel Wing Original coupling coupling.

At a minimum motorcycle, swings a little, oscillations that disappear in the roadside guide in good condition and that obviously reappears on a downward road background.

Many wondered, and I too, if the weight of Travel Wing could cause problems to the original front fairing.

For the moment I traveled about 800km on roads I assure you painful and nothing happened, if in a few miles you will present a problem, this at the moment I don't know, I certainly would avoid keeping it mounted in off, or at least in the open position, Since there is the possibility of lowering it completely for inclination and height.

So doing its weight weighs less on the fairing, reducing the stresses / oscillations.

In essence I would recommend this spoiler to those who feel the need for greater aerodynamic protection, the spoiler is very nice and the price is in line with the competitors, with the difference that in this case the assistance service is really effective , it is an Italian product and is produced by a friend of the club.

Hoping that when wrote can be useful, a greeting

Gennaro. "