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Any job you do, if you transform in art what you are doing, in all likelihood you will find that you have become an interesting person and not an object for others.Robert Maynard Pirsig (Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance - 1974)

Make only with passion!

It means that our whole realization is the result of direct and indirect experiences, of generic and specialist skills, but above all the great desire to realize something new, of beautiful, of profit and always qualitatively of the highest level.

Style and precious materials are subject to functionality and ergonomics, without ever neglecting the taste for the design that distinguishes Made in Italy in the world, our style!

KKBIKE comes from the request of simplicity and functionality but to the impression of product quality, service and assistance, before, during and after each purchase.

We are motorcyclists, we know our needs and those of our bikers friends first, for this reason we are always with you and for you, through our products that are able to deal with and overcome every challenge. In the journey as well as in adventure, but also in everyday use and citizen.

We sign up each of our products because we are proud of it, we take responsibility and we want our customers to proud with us to own them and use them.

A style sign, a smart choice, never trivial.

But that our pride is not mistaken for arrogance: we are humble and attentive listeners of every need, desire, and where there is possible, we always try to achieve the dreams of our customers. We live thanks to them and for them.

The design of each of our products starts in fact from a careful analysis of the needs of those who, like us, makes the road its Mèta. Each road with every motorcycle and path, full of freedom.

The place to improve the world is first of all in our heart, in our head and in our hands; It is from here that you can start towards humanity.

And this is from here we started and we will continue to go, along with those who want to accompany us along the paths of our life in motion.

Live your passion with us

"If you make a motorcycle holidays things take on a completely different appearance. In the car you are always in a passenger compartment; You are used to you and you don't realize that everything you see from that window is nothing but an additional TV dose. You are a passive observer and the landscape scrolls next to a frame. In motion the frame no longer is. You have a complete contact with everything. You are not a spectator, you are in the scene, and the feeling of presence is overwhelming. It is amazing that cement that hisses to ten centimeters from your foot, the same on which you walk, and it is right there, so out of mistake and so close that with the foot you can touch it whenever you want - an experience that never moves away from immediate consciousness. (p. 14-15) "

Robert Maynard Pirsig (Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance - 1974)