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Continuation of the article"Milleer" tree wear test


In the article"Milleer" tree wear test, we tried to give, to those who are not aware of it, the basics of knowledge to understand that they have a "Achille heel" on their bike. In the present case Legged Honda XRV Africa Twin, Honda XLV Transalp, but also others and other manufacturers.

Obviously not all the bikes mentioned afflict their owners with this anomaly, because of that it is, but it is good, before buying a motorcycle, be aware of the pitfalls that it can hide. And when they had nothing to hide, it is not because they are immune, but they simply did not immediately, at least not yet, the unjusts of the time and / or the "mistreatment" of certain owners.

In this article we will provide you with useful suggestions to delay as long as possible to present the problem and our current solution, as well as a vision of future ones.

Proactive behavior

ConsiderPrevention fundamental, also because the care, from what is evained from the following images, can be prohibitive, for your bike and your pockets.

Some examples of shafts, partially or totally worn. And even some remedies that we consider from the last beach before throwing everything away.

Prevention For us means a few simple behaviors that may appear to be negligible but that, with continuing the years, are of fundamental importance.

Perform ordinary maintenance within the time and ways.

TO- Often the chain and the interior of the carter where the tree is positioned. Less residues accumulate between the teeth of the pignene and the tree, the better is! An advice for the chain lubrication: wash it often with white oil, dry it and lubricated with high density gear oil (250 SAE), perhaps in the evening when you place it, so as to slide away any excesses during the night. With this criterion you will spend little, you will have a clean, easy to clean environment and will be much easier to keep everything in order. Your "triptych" will thank you, and even your pants.
B- Pull the chain exclusively as provided by the producer, no more, not less.
C- When you consider having to replace the pinion, depending on the use of the bike, always change even chain, crown and, strange to say, the locking plate. Yes, just you, that insulso and insignificant metal circle, almost useless if it does not serve to avoid escaping the sprocket at speed, which when it consumes begins to make the sprocket that begins to erode the superficial treatment of the tree. And when the erosion begins, the step to wear underlying steel is very short.

Look instead as a new tree and pinion, comparate with your components and take note of the differences ...

If your tree more resembles one of those shown above and not to this, it means that you are running the serious risks of having to put hand to the wallet burdensome to avoid having to throw away your bike.
Many think that it is enough to change the engine ... but who assures you that the engine you are buying at 300 euros really has the 20,000 km even if it's more than 20 years? Admitted that you are not gastones (the cousin superfortunello of donelle - Walt Disney) and that you are not used to receiving valuable gifts every day, it means that someone is giving you a nice rip-off that is worse than the tree you need to change!

Our solution: Red Cap®

By preaching the prevention, as it did above, we are worried about creating a system that served to prevent the wear of the tree before reaching a point of no return. It can also go well for a tree that started to need care, but certainly not good for certain conditions seen in the photos above.
Better to spend a few pennies before having to spend many together with so many broken dreams.

Our Red Cap®, patent No. 202016000132029 Registered by KKBike International Srls, is a system that allows you to extend the socket on the pinion shaft, including the rear locking and the front to the pinion that remain almost always intact. The plates placed as illustrated in the following figures and in the lower video, become a solidarity block with the pinion that remains anchored and centered in its native position, without oscillations or unsolicited games, as explained in the article onTEST.

Thanks to this perfect alignment between pinion and crown, even the chain turns more fluid and silent. We don't have a certainty, but we are quite likely to think that a system that works best can last even longer, allowing you to amortize your "investment" at a longer period. Red Cap® In fact, you don't change every time you change the pinion, but it can be used over and over again, before it comes to a degree of wear to make it convenient to replace it.

Adopt our advice
That many mechanics share!

And if your trusted technician does not know us, let us see our video and read our article. Thank you.

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