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Antonio Magliulo

In traveling this life, I recently asked myself several times: but what can I do here?

You enjoy this way, I think and I think in a way that I would not even have imagined ... then I realized that this was my way, my real way of being, to live my life, with my passions, my ambitions, My freedom, my way of expressing myself, my way of always feeling young, to always focus on and project myself into a future, first uncertain, today with the goals and destinations to be achieved, with humility and sincerity. Today I have the certainty of being able to follow a path that sometimes seems to be traced, other times I have to stop to understand what is right and what not. But I have the conviction of being able to get to my destination with the help of my feelings, my instinct, my dreams, but also my skills and experiences. I am sure of the presence of someone who guides me to make the best choices, which somehow paves me the way, makes me see things that I couldn't see before, who comforts me and encourages when the obstacles seem too big to overcome, too small one Time you find them behind.

When I started

I was a middle-aged gentleman with a vision of the future that defining uncertain was a euphemism, I was tried several times by let me go and lose myself in distrust, in the meanders of solitude and anger, towards myself and towards others.

One day I decided

That something had to change, that my life could not end like that and I appealed to all my energies, physical and mental, the same ones that made me overcome some pains and certain obstacles that seemed to be insurmountable mountains. I started asking me: what do I want to do great? I started caressing ancient passions such as art, music, photography, I started cataloging my skills acquired in many years of work experience, but nothing of this seemed more interested and to provide me new motivations to move forward, nothing He set up more than the achievable goals, nothing applied me more the motivations and energies needed for a decent and satisfied my ambitions and filled my soul of enthusiasm.
I decided at that point to give up everything and at the same time putting everything together, give a sharp cut to what I had been and that I had done, and treasure of my lived, I made a great leap forward, in wonder Of myself and those around me.

I invented a new game

I called to the appeal all my mental energies to convince me that was what I liked and that I would do anything to eliminate the fog that blurred me and that it no longer made me see anything clear of my life and in my mind. I found that that game passionate about it, it was fun and engaging, and as I went ahead, small barrums crossed the haze made me intuit the light that could be behind that smoky blank.

But I had no resources, if not the personal ones: my character, the strength of mind, creativity, the will to act and not only to think, a renewed desire to do something that somehow pointed out to the world that there are I was too, that I existed and I could do something good, which would have marked my passage, left my footsteps.

With this conviction I asked my father help, trying to explain all this, but if it wasn't clear to me, as I could convince someone else outside of me, so close but at the same time so far from me, as a thought and style of life? A life to drain, which he struggled to send forward, although he still had a great desire to do so.

But it was my father and I his first son, his favorite son to say, even if this hit me because I wanted very well to my brothers and I am sure that even for him was like this. He shown me the trust of him once again and once again he carried out his father's work very well, trying to help a son who had always needed him and whose he needed, in an exchange of mutual affection, Solidarity and complicity.

He made me a very small loan, giving bottom to the very modest assistants of him, who promises him I would have returned him as soon as possible. So it wasn't because too early, for him and for me, he left me to my destiny as he looked at him. But he had planted the seed well once again, consciously, as a good educator, who knows that if he does not sow does not collect. And the luck assisted him and me in making that seed could take root, germinate and top up. I did nothing but take care of it to the fullest, watering it and concempting it when he needed it, putting all my love in playing that task that had been entrusted to me as in a dreamlike vision and that was what I asked and that I had been Given the possibility of doing.

From that seed a small shrub was born, which today demonstrates all its potential to become a tree, a large tree if taken care of with the same love and the same passion infused in the early days, and I am here for this. And in this I find motivation of my presence at this time and in this context.

Today the past looks very far, that loan turned into a kind tribute to my parent who is gone, who gave me the strength and desire to find myself, in a renewed passion of living, with mackerel soul And mind serene, towards the destinations I had always tried and that today I see the concrete possibility of reaching.


He shouted the sailor to his captain after months of sailing in stormy seas and he was grateful to have informed him that his routes, even if approximate and uncertain, had obtained the outcome so hoped: put the feet to the ground, after having so dreamed of it and Hoped, and fight against any adversity, even though he reached the coveted destination. He was still aware that the landing would have brought him and his crew in except, with the possibility of being able to make new water and food for himself and for his men, but certainly he didn't know, once landed, what He would have expected, such as and how many would have been the chances of finding new obstacles on his journey. It was a unknown land on which he put foot for the first time and he knew that on all this he could not put an exclamation mark near the end of the misadventure! But, despite his questions, he knew he had acquired a new force and was aware of the fact that, having had to face so many threats and having darkened, that same and renewed strength, would have given him the courage to dare and face any other situation yes Favera parade.

My father is no longer

To provide me with the shoulder to lean on, but I also inherited from my mother a little intelligence, but above all a great strength of mind and a great will that allow me to carry out, remaining intact, my new project by Life, to pursue my goals firmly and intuited, beyond the haze, what are the right steps to have to do to get there where I prefixed. And with me, my indispensable life companion, who has always encouraged him and spurred to take paths that I evaluated being too dangerous and that later turned out to be my fears. Probably she knew better about me what life is and how it should be dealt with, concretely and with humility, as only certain women know, and has invested and bet even on me, even a little unconsciously, but believing in me and in me My possibilities. And this makes me honor and I recognize it and respect for her, I hope to continue forever to deserve it, as it is. It was also to join a happy and decisive choice that we did together. Everything I do today I dedicate it to her who has always been close to me, and I hope to have time to be able to complete the mission we are committed to playing, we succeed successfully.

In the worst case

I will always know to be able to count on her, and she about me. For this reason, whatever the outcome, we will still have won, us, the resilient couple by Antonomasia, which nothing stops and no weight is too big if we move it in two.


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"With this chautauqua I do not propose to open some new consciousness channels, but simply to dig deeper in old ones, now obstructed by the rubble of thoughts that have become stale and ovviveness too often repeated. The Eternal "What's new?" Enlarge horizons, but if it becomes the only question it risks producing only debris that will cause tomorrow's obstruction. Instead, I'd like to interest me in the question "What's better?", Which digs deeply instead of amplitude. (p. 18) "

Robert Maynard Pirsig (Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance - 1974)

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