Leonardo Castellaneta Meccanico Honda

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From our Facebook page we report what has been written by a Honda mechanic with many years of experience, about the problem of the secondary transmission shaft (MILLIGHE) and our Red Cap ...

The [tree consumption] problem is known on transalp and africa twin ... in good substance on the honda (also xr) that use the plate fixing system, this, unlike other types, leaves a lot of playing to the pinion itself. However, the real cause is the incorrect chain tension, for this reason the problem is not found on all the bikes ... it is not a question of being dogs or not, if you hold the chain too tense the pinion, being mobile and not solid to the Millerighe, It ends up consuming it. I speak from experience, mechanical motorcycles from a lifetime and in Honda for over ten years.

I absolutely agree with you who sell a brilliant product at an honest price, over the years I opened several engines to replace the ruined tree.

Go ahead for your way that the product is great and saves a lot of money ... but only to intelligent people?