Motorcycle on the road

Online magazine dedicated to the world of motion, on August 13, 2013 was among the first to publish a review on one of our product that represented the start of our new line of products dedicated to those who make the motorcycle tourism their passion: Travel Wing, the spoiler who was requested by motorcyclists from all over the world.

Travel Wing then evolved into several other models and crosses a new evolutionary phase that will see it more and more present and always with greater style and quality.

Travel Wing the useful spoiler

Of Claudio Falanga

Travel Wing is a spoiler that provides the possibility of mounting on the fairing - at an ideal height to always be within easy reach - Useful tools for the journey such as the navigator, smartphone, telepass, and many other objects needed to have to Hand reach.

It is fixed in a few seconds to the dome of the bike and is very stable and at all invasive: the Spoiler Travel Wing, in fact, is adjustable to the point of alignment with the windshield. It is made with high quality materials such as a transparent 4 mm compact polycarbonate, also available smoked, and the structure is a fine example of high mechanical manufacture in the processing of the aluminum from full. The mounting kit, all stainless steel and high resistance tires, is also accompanied by the kegins needed for installation and adjustments.

KKBIKE, Travel Wing manufacturer, is also available to customizations on request. Travel Wing, spoiler designed with the concepts of fears - already used in aeronautics and competition car - promises greater comfort to motoviaggers who will certainly be enthusiastic about driving more hours with fewer effort, perhaps listening to a little good music without interference And turbulence during long hours of travel.