Impartial paladins

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Tiziano singer
Songwriter - journalist

impartial paladins riding the steeds of our time, ready to suck the nectar of life. Shadows fleeing superficiality, balancing between feelings and fears. Arranged to float on the ass in the world, to sniff the wind and stunts of rain. CN dust in curious and innocent eyes, always hungry with roads, on roaring engines in sunny routes, like small lights in the blackest night.

Spider paintings thrown over the world, swaying and swelling in the strongest wind. Arms protected towards the most extreme dreams, breaths missing in speed.

Shipwrecked passage on the pains of the world and people, on smiles, on the faces, on whatever marvel of human life. Eccentric visitors between the earth and the stars, between dust and the heart.

No one can stop a motorcyclist traveling, looking for himself, without defenses, from the assaults of banality and the usual. With thoughts that cross the body, finally audible from the heart and mind and happiness so close to touch it. Imagination and concrete join with dignity and imagination.

Motorcyclists for the world, wise men looking for truth and love, serenity and tears. Distances of the mind to fill with the kilometers and men lying on the belly of the earth, water and dusty sorts, cleaned inside. Solitary men and women, but not alone, drunk of roads and infinite spaces.

Motorcyclists release your thoughts, your words, your heart. Bring your bike where you hear from arriving: there is your time, your destination. There are your silences or the beneficial stunning that animates the body and nourishes the mind.

Enjoy nothing and small things: a greeting, a gesture, a kiss, a hug, a friend found, a smile, a sip of water, a landscape, a look, a breath, a little fatigue, a bit of fear and little pain.