Pier Paolo Cito

Two years ago, during a stop on a journey with my 4 × 4 off-roader in the Moroccan desert I met two German motorcyclists aboard two "Africa Twin". Equity a motorcyclist still (I started with a mythical Twin Africa and then for one Series of problems due to the 300,000km, including that of the wear of the Milleer tree, I switched to a Transalp 700) and knowing the narrow restrictions of "transportable volume" of motorcyclists approached me by offering him a fresh beer from my portable fridge (yes, It also serves to have an off-road vehicle). After the first comfortable ones, one of them told me with satisfaction of having solved his problem of the Milleghe tree with the Red Cap, of an Italian company I had never heard about. Italian, I was very pleased to know that a mechanical company had solved a problem in Germany, where precision mechanics understand a lot, and I continued my journey. When a long time, I have Started to have the same problem with my transalp, after a fruitless series of attempts, I remembered the conversation. I recovered the photos of that day and I found the sticker he had put on the paracarena with the name Kkbike.Problem solved! Thanks Antonio and Kkbike.Continued. Good work.pier Paolo Cito