Rob Roy - Africa Twin New Zealand

Mounted today the KKBIKE pinion, the first clip shows movement in the OEM mounting system, the second clip shows the single movement - wear in the spline. The last clip is the new pinion showing the total movement.

Then the driving difference, the best way to describe it is in what is not happening. No buzz through the platforms and no stemming when trying to maintain a constant speed.
The bike has a buttery touch, like a brand new car.

Highly recommended!

Original by Rob Roy, New Zealand

FITT THE KKBIKE SPROCKET TODAY, FIRST Clip Shows The Movement In The OEM Mounting System, Second Clip Shows The Single Movement - Wear In The Spline. Last clip is thenewTotal Movement Sprocket Showing.

So the difference in ride, well the best way to describe it is in what is not happen. No buzzing through the footpegs and no lurching when trying to maintain at Constant Speed.
The Bike Has in Buttery Smooth Feel, Like a BrandnewMachine.

Highly Recommended!