Pay to installments? TO Zero rate ?
Now you can with @ Rate online

Why spend everything and immediately if you can buy our products and pay them ratally?

Thanks to the collaboration withPersonal Credit saddleYou can buy from our storePaying in convenient installments you choose from you!You can decide the number and value of the installments based on your personal needs.


Banking transparency on the purchase rate Personal Credit. FIND OUT MORE'


Rate purchasing procedure
Minimum amount 300 € - maximum € 8,000

including VAT and shipping costs

  • Choose the product/the E Add to cart
  • Select thePayment methods "@ Rate online"
  • Fill out all the required fields.Caution:the tax code must be a code reported to a natural person andNOTAt a VAT number.
  • Concludethe order
  • You will be addressed to the form where you canRequest your funding
  • Confirmationormodificationyour data
  • Sendyour request for funding
  • You will be directed to the Banca Sella page, fill in the requested data
  • Wait for Banca Sella's reply

Requirements to request payment with @ Rate online

Minimum18 years- Maximum78 years(The maximum age is indicated as a limit within which the loan must be extinguished)


Employeestopermanent timeat least12 monthsof work from the moment of the request (24 months if non-EU citizens)

Self-employedat least24 monthsof activity (36 months if non-EU citizens)

Residence in Italy

Community foreign citizens must:

Be resident in Italy byat least 2 years

Be in possession of aItalian document. The country of identity of the country of origin is not valid

Non-Community foreign citizens must:

Be residing in Italy by at least3 years

Be in possession of regularresidency permit(validity must cover the duration of the loan)

Be in possession of aItalian document(identity card or license).

Requested documents

  • Identity card(in progress in front / back) or
  • Passport(in progress in front / back)or
  • license(in progress in front / back)
  • Health insurance card(in progress in front / back)
  • Last domestic userAvailable registered to the applicant
    (to choose between light, gas, water, sky, telephone, etc.)
  • Last pay envelope(employees)
  • Last single modelwith presentation receipt (self-employed)

Examples of purchase

Kriega OS-32 Adventure Pack

Kriega OS-32 Adventure Pack
561.25 euros including VAT and shipping

Example Rateization

Banking transparency on the purchase rate Personal Credit. FIND OUT MORE'

Example Financing: 561.25 euros in 6, 10 and 12 monthly installments. Tan 0%, TaG 13.96% (6 months), 10.08% (10 months), 9.08% (12 months). Total amount due by the consumer (total amount of credit + total credit cost) 582.10 (6 installments), 585.50 (10 installments), 587.20 (12 installments) euros. Total amount of credit 561.25 euros. The total cost of the credit includes: interest calculated to the indicated TAN, tax charges (stamp tax on the contract 16.00 euros *) charged to the first installment, monthly cost of variable practical management depending on the economic condition used, preliminary investigation expenditure 0, 00 euros, expenditure for sending periodic reporting on-line 0.00 euros, stamp tax on periodic reporting 0.00 euros. Mandatory reimbursement method: Direct debit on C / C. The expiry of the installments is determined by the day of the liquidation of the contract; The rate expiration date is scheduled for 1 or 15 of the month. The amount of each installment includes a share of increasing capital and decreasing interest according to a "French" depreciation plan. Advertising message with promotional purpose. Offer valid until 12-12-2020, subject to approval of Sella Personal Credit Spa. For all contractual and economic conditions, please refer to "European consumer credit basic information". KKBIKE INTERNATIONAL SRLS operates as a credit intermediary for Sella Personal Credit S.P.A., not exclusively.

* When the funding is required, the right to select, as an alternative to the stamp on the contract of 16.00 euros, the substitute tax, equal to 0.25% of the amount funded.