Technical sheet of the KKBIKE pinion


KKBike International Srls has designed and created a reinforced pinion for bikes mountable on the transmission shaft of the gearbox, comprising:

A central sprocket (3), equipped with threaded holes (12) circumferentially arranged passers-by, equipped in the front of an extrusion (14) having on the sides, at the side surface, of passing excavations (2), and having an excavation Passante (4) equipped with circumferential socket (8) teeth (16) that migates with the central part (16), with the front front (18) and with the back (15) of the exit of a Milleer tree (1) of Transmission of change of a motorcycle (19) - Tav. 1 Fig. 1, Table 2 Fig. 2, Table 3 Fig. 3; Half-moon-shaped platelets (13), equipped with passers-by holes (9) that slip into passing excavations (2) of the circular extrusion (14) of the central pinion (3), up to be inserted with the inner edge (10 ) of the half-moon shape, outgoing each on the inner side (5) of the passing excavation (2), inside the mounting gorge (17) of the release of the MilleRighe tree (1) and with the upper side edge (11 ) of the half-moon form, in contact with the upper internal edge (7) of the passing excavation (2) preventing interference from the central pinion (3) to escape from the Milleer tree (1) of transmission of a motorcycle change (19 ) - Table 1 Fig. 1, Table. 4 Fig. 4; A plurality of screws (6) inserted in the holes (12) of the central pinion (3), crossing the passers-by holes (9) of the platelets (13) in the shape of a half moon that maintain all the solidarity elements between them - TAV. 1 fig . 1, Table 3 Fig. 3. The pinion thus conceived, exploits all the useful teeth of the terminal part of the tree, making the coupling more solid than a normal sprocket that is taken only on the toothing of the central part (16) of the Milleghe tree (1) through very few components . The central pinion (3), moreover, can also be mounted on a mineral tree (1) in which the central intake teeth (17) are worn or missing, transmitting the pair to the transmission shaft of the motorcycle (19) taking a grip On the rear teeth (15) and front (18) of the Milleghe tree (1) himself, without this having to be replaced. The central pinion (3) is made of a less hard material of the Millerighe tree (1) for any torques to wear the Millerighe tree (1) more expensive to replace but wear the central pinion (3) - Table 1 fig. 1, Table 3 Fig. 3.

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